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Projects we’re super proud of

Take a look at all our previous and ongoing successful projects. All of them resulted in great digital assets that we are incredibly proud of, but these projects allowed us to form incredible friendships and partnerships that we will be grateful for forever.

Tjaša Dorelay

For our client Tjaša Doleray, we provide expert maintenance and upgrades to her website. With reliability and dedication, we ensure smooth operation and continuous improvement of the user experience.


Lowqee is the next-generation password vault, designed for modern security needs. With weekly updates, you can trust Lowqee to keep your data secure and easily accessible. Try out our beta version today and join the future of password management

Twisted tales

Twisted Tales is the app for children who want to feel confident, inspired, creative and motivated to pursue their dreams. Through carefully thought-out reinterpretations of fairy tales, it aims to teach children empathy as well as assertiveness.


StudioFit offers a personalized and private fitness experience, with individuals working closely with their personal trainers to achieve their fitness goals. This one-on-one setting can provide a focused and tailored approach to fitness, ensuring that the training program is specifically designed for each individual's needs.

Bon app

Bon App is not just a recipe shuffling app; it's your culinary companion that brings the joy of cooking to your doorstep. Discover a world of delectable recipes with a simple shuffle, and let the magic happen.

Lovrenčič d.o.o.

All types of finishing construction services encompass a comprehensive range of offerings designed to add the final touches and polish to a construction project. From intricate interior detailing to exterior embellishments, these services ensure that every aspect of a structure is not only structurally sound but also aesthetically pleasing.

Accelerator of sales

Discover the power of digital marketing Transform your approach and boost sales. Is your company ready for digital transformation? Discover how our custom-made web and mobile applications can help you outperform the competition.

Elipsa Caffe

In the heart of Radizel lies a café where the warmth of smiles and the aroma of the finest coffee blend seamlessly – welcome to Elipsa Caffe. Our passion? Serving you premium Illy coffee, prepared with love, revealing with every sip why many claim it to be the best coffee in town.

Ledder und Schue

For the company "Ledder und Schue," we collaborated on a closed B2B system that facilitated the automation of their business model.


We proudly developed a sophisticated web shop tailored specifically for Italko the esteemed company in the ceramic tile industry. This customized online platform not only showcases their extensive range of high-quality ceramic tiles but also incorporates advanced features to enhance the overall shopping experience.


Introducing Lowqee, the cutting-edge password vault crafted for contemporary security demands. Engineered to meet the highest standards, Lowqee provides a state-of-the-art solution to safeguard your data while ensuring effortless accessibility. With regular weekly updates, you can rely on Lowqee to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of digital security.

Coach Zoran

Our goal was to create a user-friendly and visually appealing website that seamlessly aligns with Coach Zoran's teaching philosophy. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a novice eager to explore the world of Jiu-Jitsu, the website offers a comprehensive hub for learning, updates, and engagement.

Pedikura na domu

The website seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality, providing an immersive experience that reflects the professionalism and care inherent in medicinal pedicure. From elegant visuals to intuitive navigation, our goal is to convey the essence of the company's commitment to foot health and well-being.


Explore the website to discover detailed information about the club's training programs, experienced coaching staff, and a vibrant community of MMA enthusiasts. We've integrated features that make it easy for visitors to navigate through class schedules, upcoming events, and membership options, ensuring a seamless user experience.

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